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Business Insurance

Don't Leave Your Business Exposed

You’ve worked hard to get your business running. Don’t leave yourself exposed to the “what ifs” in life. Finding the right type of insurance and amount of insurance can be a balancing act. If you’re under insured, you could be held financially liable for accidents or mistakes. If you’re over insured, you could be overspending capital on protection you don’t need. Choosing to work with The Ragnar Group Inc allows you the option to house all your benefits and services under one roof, with a team of advisors ensuring that you are only paying for what you need, and not left with any gaps in coverage.

Business Insurance Types

Work Comp

General Liability

Commercial Auto

Commercial Property

Errors & Omissions

Liquor Liability

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

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Insurance companies and agents always talk about being a part of the community....

But what do they actually do? We get it, like you we are consumers too and like you we also hate paying for insurance. Nobody likes paying for their coverage until they need it. In many cases we are actually required to pay for these policies. So, what can we do?

 The Ragnar Group Inc. established a private charitable foundation dedicated to financially supporting our local first responders. We contribute 3% of your first-year insurance premiums and 1% of your renewed insurance premiums to our foundation. These contributions do not affect your cost and are funded solely from company profits. 

If you have to have insurance and you hate paying for it, the least we can do is help take some of those dollars and give back to the men and women that help keep our communities safe. That isn’t talking about being part of a community THAT IS BEING PART OF THE COMMUNITY.

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