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Business Solutions

Managing your business benefits & insurance can be , but it shouldn't be

Choosing The Ragnar Group Inc. Could...

Alleviate unnecessary workload due to our streamlined communication process.

Potentially allow you to save on business overhead due to our unique pricing strategy.

Benefits of using The Ragnar Group Inc.
  • Streamline Communication

    Utilizing technology-based platforms The Ragnar Group Inc. can reduce your points of contacts from 3-4 down to 1. The use of technology platforms allow us to digitally communicate with all of your professionals from a single location. The result is you spend less time trying keep track of and organize your insurance and financial professionals.

  • Simplify The Process

    Making sure your benefit offerings are competitive and your business insurance is sufficient can be a daunting task. The Ragnar Group Inc. all of your professionals are working under one roof and for one common interest. This reduces the number of duplicated tasks typically required by your administrator to ensure your benefits and insurance products are up to date and competitive.

  • Save

    Since The Ragnar Group Inc. has the ability to offer all products and services in-house, we have the ability to negotiate down broker fees and expenses that can drive your overhead higher year over year. The concept is simple, the more you use The Ragnar Group Inc. the less we charge, which could reduce unnecessary expenses.

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