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Working at The Ragnar Group Inc. is different than other firms in our industry. Most firms focus on finding salespeople, we focus on finding client advocates. Most of what is wrong with our industry stems from that small difference. If you are looking for a career change or looking for a different type of firm, then we would love to talk with you.

Grow Your Career Without Changing Employers

Our industry experience has taught us many things, not the least of which, is that businesses lose great employees because they aren’t equipped to help their employees grow. 

At The Ragnar Group Inc. we are committed to helping our employees expand their knowledge and give them the freedom to find the role that’s right for them. We have the unique ability to have our employees change fields without changing companies. Our employees have the ability to offer Wealth Management, Property & Casualty Insurance, Life, Health, Disability Insurance and Payroll all under one roof.  If our employees are better suited or want to try or expand to a different product offering we would love to help. At the end of the day your success is our success.

Your Career Partner Not Just an Employer

Too many employers see their employees as a commodity, we see them as a partner. As such, there is a clear pathway to all of our employees to participate in company profits via our profit-sharing plan. We believe that sharing in company profits is simply the right thing to do allows us to keep our eye on longer term sucess of all of our employees. The more profitable we are as a company the more financial reward our valued employees receive. 

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