Our Portfolio of Companies

The Ragnar Group Inc. family of companies represent the industries that we feel are in drastic need of change. A change in efficiency and a change in how they interact with their customer base. All of these industries have been resistant to change with not many willing to step up and challenge the status quo...Until now.

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Established to challenge clients interactions with and expectations of their financial advisors, Veritas Wealth Management is setting a new bar for what clients should expect from their advisors. For far too long advisors, and the brokerage houses they work for, have been reaping the rewards of a system that was set up to pay everyone before the client. We believe that the typical industry advisor charges too much and does too little to earn those fees. Our solution is a simple one, streamline the process and drastically reduce those client fees. The result is truly a win for the general public that is desperate for sound financial advice but is exhausted watching their savings be stunted by costly advisor fees. There aren't many things your advisors can control when it comes to investing, how much they are charging is one of them. The premise is simple, the lower the fees the higher the growth of your money.

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The Edmund Andrew Company LLC, is our dedication to changing the Property & Casualty insurance marketplace. We are firm believers that if you know how somebody is paid then you can usually determine what their motivation is. This could not be more evident than in the Property & Casualty insurance industry. The higher your premium is, the more commission your agent makes. We cannot change this fact, we can however change the process. Our agents are different. They are either financial advisors or work with one of our financial advisors so that our clients can be sure they are only paying for the insurance they need, not the insurance their agent needs to sell. Making sure your insurance is part of a more robust overall financial plan is the way insurance should be bought. We also are donating the majority of agency profits to our charitable foundation that goes to benefit our community first responders. Nobody, including us, like paying for insurance the least we can do is make sure you only pay for what you need and you can feel better knowing those dollars are going to a good cause.

Some of the most oversold and misunderstood products are those found in the life, health, disability & LTC marketsMuch like the insurance agents that work in the property and casualty insurance markets, typically agents that sell life, health or disability insurance are typically compensated more when you pay more. This again creates an unusual conflict where you may not be getting the best advice. Veritas Insurance Solutions was established to shine some light on this industry and to set the tone for how these products should be sold. At the end of the day, no matter how fancy insurance companies make things look, these are still just insurance policies. We believe you should only buy as much insurance as is needed and not a dollar more. Making sure our agents work with a financial advisor ensures our clients insurance purposes make sense.

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Deal Estate - A Real Estate App

For far too long realtors have been able to cash in on what has essentially been a price fixing scheme. Have you ever wondered why all real estate agents charge the same amount? How is that possible? Did you know the average realtor commission has barely moved over the last 30 years while at the same time other industries have continued to decrease their pricing? Did you know the average realtor commission is 6%? That's $18,000 commission on a $300,000 home... for what? If you are like me and have no idea how that large of a commission is justified then you will want to stay tuned for the launch of Deal Estate, a smarter real estate investment.