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Introducing The Ragnar Group Foundation

We believe that any successful private enterprise or individual has an obligation to give back to the community that continues to support them. During the COVID crisis that shut down our country gave us some time to reflect on who we are as a company and the direction that we want to go. The result of this reflection was our desire to lead by example. To be a company that quiets the outside noise and one the is of highest moral standing. We saw our community first responders (Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs and Nurses) go from heroes to public enemy number one seemingly overnight. At a time when it has become trendy to stand in opposition to the men and women that are the first to respond to your calls for help we want to make one thing as clear as possible...

The Ragnar Group stands with you

We stand with you, appreciate the sacrifices you make and will support you now and moving forward. As the silent minority grows louder with calls to "defund" or to vilify your service to them just know that these calls will only strengthen our resolve to support and lead by example. 

Young Policeman
Fireman Holding Hammer

Foundation Goal:

To divert a portion of company profits from our insurance agency, The Edmund Andrew Company LLC to financially assist our local first responders

How It Works:

For every dollar you spend on your insurance premiums purchased through The Edmund Andrew Company LLC, The Ragnar Group Inc. will donate:

                                                                                3% of all new policy premiums


                                                                            1% of all renewed policy premiums

For auto, home, boat, RV, motorcycle, business liability, commercial property and commercial auto policy sold we will make these donations. In a world were nobody likes paying for insurance, including us, doesn't it make sense to at least support those that support our community? For example, lets say we have a married couple that owns two cars, a home and a business. Their insurance premiums and subsequent donations made by The Ragnar Group may look like this:

Auto Insurance Premiums:                     $1,500/year

Homeowners Premium:                          $2,000/year

Business Liability Premium:                   $1,200/year

Total Yearly Premiums:                            $4,700/year

Donation Year 1:                                         $141

Donation Year 2+:                                      $47

While on the surface these may not seem like huge donations we would ask you to consider in a word were all insurance agencies and companies are seemingly only focused on profit why would you not work with the one that is focused on giving back? What if you like you current policy or a new policy would be more expensive? Simple, if The Edmund Andrew Company cannot beat, match or become agent on your existing policy The Ragnar Group Inc. will donate $25 on your behalf simply for trying.

Where Does the Money Go?

Each year The Ragnar Group Foundation will disperse 10% of foundation assets to existing 501(c)(3) organizations already established to assist first responders. Another 10% of foundation assets will given to the children of first responders that are seeking higher education.

Why only 20% of foundation assets each year?

By keeping 80% of foundation assets in the foundation and allowed to gain interest, we can create an endowment fund which in time will generate more yearly donations than contributions. Each year, as a policy holder of The Edmund Andrew Company, you will receive a letter describing the amount contributed because of your business and a summary of how foundation assets were dispersed. We pride ourselves on transparency in our business practices and our foundation will be no different.