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"Wealth is not new. Neither is charity. But the idea of using private wealth imaginatively, constructively, and systematically to attack the fundamental problems of mankind is new."
John Gardner
American Novelist

Giving back to our community is who we choose to be.

Andrew R. Reina

CEO, The Ragnar Group Inc.

2020 was a year that all of us will remember for a long time. For some of us our lives were effected in ways we never thought were possible. For me personally 2020 was a time to reflect and take some much needed inventory of my businesses and what type of corporation I wanted to be leading. It was during this time that I witnessed our society move from celebrating our “heroes” in local law enforcement, fire fighters and EMTs, morph into an all-out war against those very same men and women. Calls to defund this department or that department started gaining momentum in what I can only describe as an exercise in lunacy. It was at this time that it became clear to me that as the leader of a corporation I had the ability to financially support and show appreciation to the same men and women that had suddenly become villainized. Through the establishment of our charitable foundation I wanted to send one message loud and clear, we now and always will support the local first responders that selflessly give their time, their energy and their support to helping us maintain who we are as a community. To those men and women I want to make it perfectly clear, you will always have an ally in myself personally and the companies that I direct.

How We Are Funded

Our foundation is funded by corporate profits from the sale of property and casualty insurance products. We donate 3% of first year premiums and 1% of the premiums for renewed insurance policies. These donations in no way effect your insurance premium amount or coverages. 

Not sure how much you are paying, looking to save some money on your policies or if you love your current policy but want to still contribute? We have you covered. Contact one of our qualified agents to learn how.