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Payroll Services

As a business owner or human resources professional it is imperative that you have the right payroll software or provider in your corner. Your payroll provider is a constant hub of important information that keeps your benefits program moving smoothly and your employees paid on-time and for the correct amounts.

Payroll Is Your Information Hub

 Connected to your employee health benefits, retirement plans, work comp insurance, FICA taxes, Unemployment premiums and voluntary benefits there is no doubt having a well-integrated payroll provider or plan can help eliminate duplicate work and reduce human error. 

With so much important information flowing to and from your payroll software or provider doesn’t it make sense to have your payroll part of a bigger overall strategy?

The Predictable Payroll Service Problem...

We have heard, seen and tried to fix numerous issues faced by our clients using a multitude of payroll providers and yet they have the same common source of their servicing issues…

Sales and Service Turnover

As if the story is on repeat, we have heard the same story over and over again from our clients. They were sold a payroll service from a nice sales associate either in-person or via a discount online provider only to find out a few months later that sales person has moved onto a different career/provider or that “simple” online software didn’t turn out to be so simple or cheap. 

These core issues are truly industry wide. We have yet to meet the payroll service provider that has yet to experience these problems. While there are some great individuals in the industry, the sales and services associate turnover is just too high. Often times this turnover is directly correlated to how compensation plans work. It is often the case that the sales associates are paid on new business only OR have compensation heavily tied to opening new accounts. The predictable outcome is the older clients service suffers.  At The Ragnar Group Inc. we believe we have found a native solution to this problem.

Alignment of Values

Through our unique relationship with Heartland Payroll we have the ability to align our values with our clients. How can we accomplish this alignment? 

1) We have a Full-Time Heartland Rep in our office for the sole benefit of The Ragnar Group Inc. clients. No more 1-800 numbers, no more guess who to call and continuity throughout your relationship with The Ragnar Group Inc.

2) Your Ragnar Group Inc. advisor/agent works directly with our Heartland Rep to take work off your “to do list”

3) We understand the importance of correct information in your payroll program, after all we use the same information to efficiently do our jobs. We are just as motivated to have payroll run smooth and accurate.

4) Our compensation works differently than most. We are not compensated all upfront. Instead, The Ragnar Group Inc. makes more profit the longer we keep you as a client. 

5) Because we have the ability to bundle our services, we also have the negotiating power to negotiate payroll service fees.

Streamline Communication, Simplify the Process and Save on Expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  At The Ragnar Group Inc. we always work in teams. What this means for our clients is that even if their primary point of contact is unavailable there is always somebody else that can assist. I live and local person, not a 1-800 number or chat bot. 

Every product or service has its place and there isn’t one solution for every client. While these services, and ones similar to them, are great solutions for those that have a very limited amount of employees and limited need for any benefits or HR support. However, for those businesses that are looking for a more robust platform capable of handling multiple types of benefits programs while also not breaking the bank, we believe our partnership with Heartland is an ideal solution. 

Our pricing structure is unique in that the more services you bundle through The Ragnar Group Inc. the larger the discount on payroll services. We also have the freedom to modify pricing to a fixed monthly amount for those mid to large business that are growing fast. For a quick quote click on the link below.

Employer Retention Credits, or ERC for short, are often grouped in with payroll services. While these are two separate things, payroll data is often used to determine ERC qualification. While The Ragnar Group Inc. does not offer this service directly, we do have agreements in place to assist our clients interested in these credits.

Heartland Payroll does offer services to help employers screen for potential WOTC credits as part of an integrated onboarding software.

Interested In Getting a Quote?

We are here to help. Let us know about your current payroll provider and one of our staff will reach out with solutions.