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The Value of a Team

You may have an insurance agent that handles your home and auto insurance, a financial advisor that helps manage your portfolio and keep you on pace for retirement & an insurance agent that handles your life, disability and long-term care insurance needs. However, rarely are these professionals all working together. Is that in the client’s best interests? We don’t think so. At The Ragnar Group Inc. we appreciate the value of working as a team to service our clients in one complete and coherent strategy.

Think about it like this

More than likely your insurance agent is financially motivated to sell more insurance. Financial advisors are financially motived to increase your investment accounts. 

What that means, is your insurance agent is motivated to sell more insurance and your advisor is motivated for you to spend less on insurance and more on investing. So which one is right?

The Rangar Group Inc. believes that if both are working on the same team and both are compensated the same way, we can reduce the “sales motivation” that often exists. The result is a client-focused solution.

"If you think education is expensive, try estimating the cost of ignorance"
Howard Gardner
Harvard Professor

At The Ragnar Group Inc. we believe the most valuable service we can offer our clients is to instill upon them an understanding of what our services are and how the client directly benefits from them.