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Property Insurance

Insurance Should Be About Asset Protection and Peace of Mind.

We get it. Nobody likes paying or even talking about insurance, but it is a necessary part of life. For most of us our highest valued possessions are our homes and vehicles. Insurance is your way of protecting those assets. Making sure you are getting the right type and amount of coverage cannot be overstated. 

What Makes The Ragnar Group Inc. Different?

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, The Edmund Andrew Company, our agents are not limited to one insurance carrier. We have the ability to shop out your policies to dozens of well known carriers.

When you buy insurance from an agency that can only sell insurance, no matter your situation the solution must be more insurance, it’s how they get paid. At The Ragnar Group Inc., we are more than just insurance agents. We are a holistic service company meaning we believe insurance should be part of an overall financial strategy. If insurance is the right strategy that is what we recommend. If a certain type of insurance does not fit with your overall financial strategy, we let you know that too.

Nobody likes paying for insurance, so we might as well do some good with the money we are all forced to pay. Through our private charitable foundation, The Ragnar Group Foundation, we donate 3% of new insurance premiums and 1% of renewed premiums to help financially support local first responders. 

We are dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve. Our private charitable foundation is funded solely by the corporate profits from the sale of property and casualty insurance products. We take these funds and help financially support the men and women of our local first responder organizations. These funds have gone to help support families in need, training and for scholarships. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to help give back to our community. While most insurance companies and agency like to talk about how they are part of the community, we make it a priority. 

Companies We Proudly Represent
The Hartford
Liberty Mutual
Homeowners of America
State Auto
And Many More...