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John Czech Memorial Scholarship

  John Czech passed away on August 4th, 2020. He died doing what he enjoyed at the time riding fast motorcycles with close friends he
    John was born in Harvard, Illinois on March 30th, 1962. John enjoyed playing basketball in high school attending Fort Lauderdale High
1977 – 79 and graduating from Lake City High School in June of 1980. John started at Florida Atlantic University in 1992 then became a
patrolman for the City of Boca Raton for six years before joining the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. After 18 years of service John
retired from Fort Lauderdale on November 12, 2019. John was a well-respected, fair and honest policeman with many good friends on and
off the force. At the time of his death, John was serving as a Staff Representative for the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police where he
hoped to make a positive impact.
    John was a connoisseur of both food and drink. His passion grew from his mother who was a gourmet cook whom did catering events
aboard the families chartering yachts Victory and the Sun Dog. John specialized in a variety of smoked meats and BBQ. John sold
wholesale specialty cookies to several local Boca Raton bakeries. Not to be forgotten was his patented Rum Runner juice a party favorite
for many friends. John enjoyed life to its fullest cooking, entertaining and hosting at his home for friends and family.
During John’s tenure with our Department, he served as a Patrol Officer in the Operations Bureau and as a Detective in the Investigations
    John was the recipient of:
* 10 Department Commendations
* 2 Bureau Commendations
* 1 Division Commendations
* 10 Public Commendations
* Officer of the Month – January 2019

    So “to be clear” Officer Czech, Uncle Johnny will be sadly missed as he was loved and respected by his family as well as the many co-
workers and friends he made throughout his life. John gave his goodness and true self to everyone he met and served.

About & Qualifications

Each year The Ragnar Group Foundation will donate 10% of foundation assets in the form of scholarship(s) to the children of first responders seeking higher education.

When a father or mother volunteers to help our community by being a police officer, fire fighter or EMT their whole family signs up for sacrifice as well. It could be a missed Christmas because their parent has to work that night shift or a missed ball game because that game happened to fall on one of their shifts. 

No matter the reason or the cause, this scholarship fund is our way of recognizing the family members of our community first responders and thanking them for sacrificing their time and always dealing with the realization their parent is putting themselves in harms way so someone else parent or family member can be safe.

* Child of a first responder
* Seeking higher education at either a 2 or 4 year institution
* Minimum 3.0 GPA
* Display strong desire to give back to community
* Participation in extracurricular activities

Have a candidate in mind?